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Eyeglasses shopping method

Eyeglasses shopping method
Issue Time:2019-05-30
Eyeglasses shopping method

A good mirror frame should have stable, safe, reliable, skin-friendly materials, and light weight, strong and non-deformable. For customers, often from the practical point of view of the mirror frame to purchase.Choose frame according to vision condition and use.

Wearing time

If the glasses are worn for a long time, other conditions can be relaxed and lighter shelves can be selected to reduce wear fatigue. If the glasses are worn only when the eyes are concentrated on reading and watching TV, the frame can be selected according to the individual's needs.

Vision condition

Half-frame and frameless frames are not suitable for those with high myopia, because the lenses with thicker thickness and frameless frames are not only beautiful but also easy to damage. For those with high astigmatism, frameless frames are not suitable, because the lenses with frameless frames will cause the displacement of astigmatism axis after long-term use, which will lead to the deformation of the object.

Specific needs

If the purpose of mirror matching is largely to match the image with the occasion. At the same time, in the case of low vision restrictions on the frame, you can choose according to your specific needs. People who often engage in large-scale physical activities and sports should choose a frame with compact frame and plastic sheet material to reduce the probability of damage caused by accidental fall of glasses. We also recommend wearing contact lenses when exercising.

People who are busy and often traveling can choose to memorize the mirror frame to avoid the distortion and damage caused by frequent removal and disorderly placement of the mirror frame, or to be damaged or crushed by improper placement on trains and airplanes.


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