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Zoho company 8 big brand series

Zoho company 8 big brand series
Issue Time:2019-04-18
1.Possdesign: reading glasses & Functional Glasses Series includes anti-blue light, combination glasses and other styles.

2.Eyeplayer: Youth Fashion Leisure Series is rich in color, light in material, independent and original design.

3.Kactor: Middle-aged men's high-end business titanium series, high-grade sheet metal, high-grade metal

4.ESTEE: Ladies'series is gorgeous in style, rich in color and fashionable in style.

5.Tommy Fashion: Youth Series is rich in color and dynamic in style

6.Tommy brown: The economical series is suitable for young people with varied colors, various styles and lightweight materials.

7.AIRLITE: The TR series is designed for middle school students. It is lightweight, comfortable and colorful.

8.POLO fashion: Sports series sports style, leisure, men-oriented
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