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Parameters Table

Design:Mobile sticker, Folded, Mini style, Hanging neck, Blue cut
Structure:Full frame, Half frame, Rimless
Style:Square, Round, Oval


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What is Reading Glasses

custom reading glasses


Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon, not an eye disease, and it is not unique to the elderly.

As the lens of the human eye gradually hardens and the ciliary muscle gradually becomes paralyzed, the human eye cannot effectively adjust the shape of the eyeball (axial change).

The eye condition at this time is called presbyopia.

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Various Design

In order to facilitate the use of reading glasses, the design is very suitable for the habits of the presbyopic crowd. The existing unique styles of folding, sticking mobile phones and mini models allow us to store them conveniently during use.

cool reading glasses

Choice Popular Lens

If presbyopia wants to use vision at the original accustomed distance, it is necessary to wear reading glasses to supplement the vision, so that the near vision can be clear again.

It is no exaggeration to say that reading glasses are the second pair of eyes for everyone after entering middle age. The use of reading glasses plays an indispensable role in improving people's quality of life.

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  • fashion reading glasses

We can design your products as long as you let us know your materials, models, and suitable group.

  • If I provide you with a sample of reading glasses, how much MOQ can you make?
    --The price of reading glasses is low, and the styles are mainly classic models. The molds are required to be the same as the frames. In the case of molds, one type starts from 2000 pairs, and each color and each degree starts from 200 pairs.
  • Do your company's reading glasses come with packaging?
    --Yes, we do.If the style you want is not packaged, you can place an additional box
  • How many years has your company made glasses?
    --Our company was established in 1999 and has been established for 23 years. The two bosses are husband and wife partners. They have grown from one stall to five chain wholesale stalls
  • What materials are your company's reading glasses made of?
    --TR and metal based
  • How much does your company's reading glasses start with? What is the highest degree?
    --Generally, presbyopic lenses start from 100 degrees to 25 degrees to 300 degrees, and after 300 degrees, 50 degrees to 400 degrees;
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